Abby Smith
Licensed Realtor

Phone: 406-570-2340

Abby joined Aspire in April of 2016 and has hit the ground running. After 10 years in the home restoration industry, Abby certainly understands helping people through difficult circumstances along with the structural functionality of a house. Even deeper is her understanding of how meaningful, personal, and sentimental one’s home can be, and the thoughtful steps necessary when guiding people through stressful situations. After meeting with Mike, Lisa, and Arison, Abby knew that real estate was the next natural step in her career, and Aspire is where she wanted to be.

Growing up in Wisconsin as an only child, Abby has always been fiercely independent. After graduating college at UW-Madison (Go Badgers!), that independent spirit combined with a love for snow, the mountains, and small-town life brought her to Bozeman in 2004. It wasn’t long before she met and fell in love with a born-and-raised Montanan, decided to put down roots, and start a family here. Although she’d been working in restoration for years, Abby’s passion for homes really developed as she and her husband designed and built their first house on their own, over a three year time period. She appreciates the commitment it takes to be a homeowner, and isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves to get the job done. Abby applies this same drive and determination to each aspect of her life, but professionally it means following through on a project or transaction from start to finish, no matter what it takes. Abby values gratitude, optimism, empathy, consistency, and excellence above all else and works hard to live with these values every day. She knows that staying true to her values helps her overcome obstacles, and when necessary, make tough decisions. The skills she has developed over 15 years in customer service, sales, and management make her a great asset to Arison’s real estate team, but it’s her outlook and approach that sets her apart from others in the industry.

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