BB Webb


Why a next chapter in real estate? Throughout the years BB Webb has fostered and grown her passion for buying and selling property while creating beautiful homes and business spaces set apart by their unique signature details and functionality. Inspired by her spirited mother, Kitty, also a real estate agent, BB understands the importance of helping individuals find the right home choice for different phases in their ever-changing lives. Helping her clients envision, find and create the unique, personal and inviting home spaces for them, is what both drives and motivates her.

With a first career in the performing arts and later as savvy entrepreneur, BB’s superpower is listening between the lines and putting what she hears into creative action. She grew her love for creating the right and perfect living spaces while renovating a hundred plus year historic Georgia home, complete with ballroom and gorgeous grounds for couples getting married. As a one-stop- shop destination with full catering, floral and wedding direction services, listening to her clients’ visions and dreams for the day that launched their marriage was both her, and her teams’ joy and delight.

Since moving to Montana to be near family, BB has fallen in love with not just the history and landscape of the west, but the enormity of beautiful homes, land and living spaces that compliment the environment. She shares,

“Helping individuals and couples to find their next chapter home spot is what drives me! Drawing out what they envision, the setting and home details that most resonates with their stage in life is a unique and fulfilling process. Important too is working into their spending plan. Assuring they are making the right financial investment, is key!

With the many careers I’ve had the good fortune to have embraced in my past, and learning through the many people I’ve met and worked with, engaging with individuals to discover their next best home is infinitely rewarding to me. Helping others to discover the right aesthetic and business decision for them, is without a doubt a perfect next chapter career for me!”

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