Sarah Boughton


Montana born and raised, Sarah grew up on her family’s farm outside of Laurel. In her early twenties, she spent four years serving in the Montana State House of Representatives--including two years as Chairman of the House Education Committee and serving her party as Majority Whip. It was during her time in the legislature, that Sarah developed an interest in owning and operating her own business one day. A few years later, she started Bear Grass Construction Co. which she and her husband, Travis, continue to operate together in the Gallatin Valley. Construction led her to real estate investors, and after a time, she and her husband decided to purchase a four-plex of their own. That purchase allowed them to acquire a duplex shortly thereafter, and she became hooked on real estate and the incredible wealth building opportunities it presents for people of every economic walk. After months of sharing her experience with family and friends, Sarah decided she wanted to make real estate her full time pursuit. When she’s not browsing local real estate, you can find Sarah enjoying the outdoors with her husband in the form of backcountry skiing, hiking, camping, and fishing. She loves spending time with her family, as well.