Water conditioning systems have some surprising benefits.

Post Date: 01/09/2020

How can soft, shiny hair and bright colored clothes be a sign that you're drinking healthier water and saving money?

Walking to the kitchen sink for a drink of water is something most of us do regularly. We’re lucky that we live in a country where clean drinking water is an expectation and for the most part, delivered. Municipalities hire experts to engineer and run their water conditioning treatment systems and are required to adhere to quality standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency and state laws as well as local water codes. Over 286 million Americans get their tap water from one of those municipal systems. Maximum Contaminant Levels allowed in those systems or MCL is “how many contaminants may be present with no adverse health effects”, according to the Safe Water Drinking Act of 1974. Over 286 million Americans get their tap water from one of those municipal systems and while most municipal systems are safe, some might not be optimum.

The water here in the Gallatin Valley is provided from a number of different sources including out of Hyalite Range and groundwater wells and it contains deposits of minerals which makes it hard water. That scale in hard water is a compilation of mineral deposits like lime, chalk, calcium or magnesium. Why does this matter to us? Those mineral deposits are just some of the “contaminants” that are acceptably present in our drinking water as are harmful chemicals as long as they fall within those EPA accepted levels.

In-home water treatment systems can give homeowners peace of mind when they reach for the faucet. Water treatment systems can range from portable pitchers with activated carbon filters to whole-home reverse osmosis systems. Not only can these systems benefit your health they might also have a substantial effect on your pocketbook.

Let’s move through a typical morning and look at the differences a water conditioning system can make. Your alarm goes off and it’s up and at ‘em! Let’s say you’re a planner and may have set your coffee maker to automatic before going to bed. Using water from an in-home treatment system can not only eliminate the chlorine, which will absolutely improve the taste of that cup o’ joe but not having hard water moving through your coffee maker will increase its lifespan.

Now that you’re half-awake, it’s time to shower. Without treatment, hard water has most likely left a chalky film on your shower door and a hard crusty scale on your shower head. With a soft water treatment system that film and scale don’t accumulate that eliminates the need to use caustic chemicals to remove them. No hard water means you’re left with gleaming chrome fixtures and clear glass.

You squirt shampoo in your hand and start scrubbing your hair. How much shampoo did you use? Soft water significantly reduces the amount of soap necessary to clean your hair and body as well as laundry and dishes. Less soap for all of those things means more money in your pocket. Soft water also reduces the drying effects of hard water on your hair and skin so you might not need to slather so much lotion on your skin either.

It’s time to get dressed. The minerals in hard water prevent detergent from mixing with water which actually leaves soap scum on your clothing. The same white chalky substance on your shower door gets left behind. So, with a water conditioning system, your clothes come out cleaner and leave you with brighter colored and longer-lasting clothes. It also prevents mineral build up in your water heater, dishwasher and washing machine which significantly extends the life of those appliances.

Bridger Water Works is the Bozeman area’s local Kinetico dealer. Kinetico systems utilize reverse osmosis systems to soften and purify water. Owner, Ron Young, explains they are capable of testing homes for impurities and installing systems that address those specific impurities. Whether you’re trying to filter chlorine, remove iron or get that foul rotten-egg odor out of your water, they can help you. If you’re interested in finding healthier water for your family to drink or you’re looking for cleaner hair, brighter clothes, saving money on detergents or saving money on appliances, a water conditioning system evaluation is usually free and can be an excellent investment.