What do burglaries and a broken water pipe have in common?

Post Date: 11/26/2019

Making a smart investment in technology could save you the headache of dealing with either. Understand why home security has a whole new meaning.

Making a minimal investment in technology can improve response times in an emergency or save tens of thousands of dollars in damage with a simple notification and it's much easier than you think. Even an entry-level smart home or security system can provide the peace of mind we are all looking for. Home security is about much more than preventing a break-in and every homeowner should understand how easy it's become to know exactly what's happening on your property all day, every day. Sometimes the biggest threats come from inside your home.

How do you decide what makes sense for you right here in the Gallatin Valley?

Home security systems used to be reserved for those at the top of the economic spectrum but as we all know with camera-enabled doorbells and do it yourself alarm systems available in retail stores nationwide, the notion of being able to keep your property and family safe is becoming a reality for many more homeowners. How do you decide what makes sense for you right here in the Gallatin Valley? Location, weather, and travel tendencies should all be a part of any home security system decisions according to Randy Schram, owner of the home and commercial automation and security provider Smart Home Systems, in Bozeman, Montana. Taking those into account might just save you money even if your system never notifies you of a security breach.

“Home security is about more than just worrying about intrusion or burglary today. Environmental factors are a key part of any security system”, says Schram. “Low-temperature sensing, water events, combustible gases, and carbon monoxide sensing are all now a part of a complete, full-service security package. Other features that can be a part of a system include remote garage door and door lock monitoring and control.”

Let’s say you’re one of the many Bozeman business travelers that account for 70% of the Yellowstone International Airports traffic. You fly out on Monday, we have heavy snow and arctic cold temperatures Tuesday-Friday and when you get home for the weekend, you discover that somehow the power went out during the storm and your home is at a balmy 10 degrees inside. Now consider what it will take to repair the damage and replace what’s been lost. Having a system that includes low-temperature monitoring could have alerted you and saved you from the aftermath.

Listen to the experts.

Schram says, “Some insurance companies now require monitored alarm systems for homes that exceed specific values. While your home might not meet that ceiling, a good note is that almost all insurance companies will give you a discount for having a professionally installed and monitored system”. Saving money while ensuring your property is safe is a reality.

Surveillance is definitely becoming something that makes more sense for homeowners in our area too with recent video footage of brazen daytime thefts of tools off a front porch while the homeowner was present and a rash of car break-ins throughout the Gallatin Valley. “Video evidence is important to have when you’re dealing with theft but it also allows a homeowner peace of mind because it gives you the ability to keep an eye on things when you’re not around. Another added value of the full-service security systems we provide to our clients is that valuable minutes or seconds can be shaved off response times for responders in the event of an emergency,” says Schram.

Now add it all up.

Home security systems are much more than they used to be and can be a part of any homeowner's safety net. Choosing the right system can mean including sensors for events that you may not have thought of but that could save you money on your homeowners' insurance today. Be sure to reach out to the professionals, including Smart Home Systems in Bozeman, for an onsite estimate and to see what options are available and what options you should include in a system that would make sense with your lifestyle. Keep your home and family safe.