Why is lighting control more than just convenience?

Post Date: 12/19/2019

How smart lighting can save you money and provide additional safety for your home and family.

Smart lighting hasn't quite become the norm in every home but with the added advantages it offers and safety it brings, it should be. Smart lighting control can be much more affordable to operate and install than most homeowners think. And, simulated occupancy, while you're on vacation or making sure you walk into a well-lit home, brings convenience, peace of mind and added security.

Smart Lighting – 5 Things to Know

Lighting control is more than just a dimmer!

For most of us, lighting control consists of on/off switches or dimmers placed at the entrance to a room or on a lamp. What most people don't know is that lighting control can be so much more! Here are the top five things you probably didn’t know, but absolutely should, about smart lighting.

But first, let’s explain what we mean by lighting control or smart lighting. Smart lighting consists of “smart” dimmers and switches that can control a single light, a whole room, or even the entire property. When properly installed and configured it can better integrate your lifestyle with the most fundamental electronic system in your house – the lights. Smart lighting will provide incredible convenience, safety, and security, help to save energy, and enhance your home environment.

1. Lighting Control is Simple

Lighting systems do not have to be complicated or expensive. Regardless of the size of the home or how many dimmers and switches there are you can always start small and see what works for you. With wireless technology, smart lighting can be added at any time by simply replacing a standard dimmer with a “smart” one. Now you have control of that light with the simple touch of a button on your mobile device!

2. Smart Lighting Makes Life Easier

You are probably familiar with the nightly task of wandering through the house and shutting off the lights in empty rooms, especially if there are children in your home. Smart lighting makes managing tasks simple. By creating a “Good Night” scene you can shut off all the main lights, leave a dimmed light on in the hallway, and turn on exterior security lights with a touch of a button on the bedside keypad.

3. You'll Get Added Safety & Security

Most of us feel safer with a light on when we are away. Smart lighting can be set up to simulate occupancy when you are not home. By using a system to randomly turn lights on or off, you can create the appearance that someone is home much more effectively than basic plug-in timers.

To avoid coming home to a dark house the system can be programmed to automatically come on when you enter the driveway and open the garage door. Through a wireless control device in the car or on your mobile device you can turn on a sequence of lights to light op a walkway and key rooms in the house.

4. Energy Savings is a Bonus

Lighting control is more than convenience. It is also a responsible method of energy management. By dimming a light 10% there is no perceivable difference to the eye, but it saves on energy and bulb life. Control systems can perform this task automatically so you don’t have to mess with dimming lights manually to help you save money. Room sensors can also be employed to automatically turn off lights when a room is unoccupied. Outdoor lights can be set to come on at dusk and turn off automatically after a certain time.

5. Lighting can be Part of Your Décor

Properly designed lighting can add drama, create moods, and highlight important features of your home. Lighting adds depth and impacts colors to showcase your artwork and décor. Programmed exterior lighting scenes can create a dramatic look for a house by emphasizing landscape and architectural features that would otherwise be hidden.

Smart lighting is easier than you think and once you've experienced it, you won't want to live without it!